Have you watched the Netflix series “Indian Matchmaking”? If so, you know the central importance of “biodata” to the matchmaking process. (And if you haven’t, you should! Such a thought-provoking show.) Basically, a “biodata” is a dating resume that describes a person’s fundamental qualities, interests, and lifestyle. The matchmaker uses the biodata to determine whether two people are compatible for marriage. Empires rise and fall on biodata!!!

This got me thinking: If jewelry came with biodata, what would it say?

To facilitate this intellectually challenging and high-brow thought experiment, I asked friends and family to identify what type of jewelry best reflects their personality and why. I loved the answers I received from my network. It inspired me to create the imagined biodata below, some of which reflect my friends’ answers (you know who you are :)). Full disclosure: one of the biodatas is my own jewelry alter ego…

[As an aside, to cast a wider net, I also posed this question in several Reddit forums. The one and only answer I got was from user “babybossmafia” who wrote: “mushroom earrings. idk why I just like them.” Certainly not an auspicious start to my research…]

Here goes. If any particular biodata speaks to you, take the plunge!

Available here.

Available here.

Available here.

Available here.

Available here.

Available here.

Available here.

Available here.

So what do you think–any love connections here? Don’t fret if nothing suits your fancy. One takeaway from “Indian Matchmaking” is that when one match doesn’t work out, there’s always more biodata to consider.

What would your jewelry biodata say about you?

2 thoughts on “Biodata

  1. I like the gold toggle necklace. I have a toggle necklace and it’s easy to put on and take off. Doesn’t bother my neck…looks good with anything.


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