Jewelry for Good

Why just buy jewelry when you can buy jewelry that supports the greater good? There are many organizations that sell jewelry to promote charitable causes and social-justice missions. Today, I’m highlighting some of my favorites. I hope you’ll consider buying from these companies the next time you treat yourself or buy a gift for a friend!


I only recently discovered this AMAZING online retailer that offers a truly vast collection of gorgeous jewelry at all price points made by a multitude of designers–many of whom I already know and love, and many fabulous ones that are new to me–in addition to clothing, shoes, and home goods. The best part: Olivela gives 20% of the proceeds from every purchase to one of their many charitable partners of your choosing. Going forward, before I buy anything from a name-brand designer, I’m first going to check if it’s available on Olivela, to make an impact whenever possible.

The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys provides full-time jobs at living wages to people transitioning out of homelessness in Los Angeles. The company’s employees make interesting jewelry with overarching key/lock and empowerment themes:

Serendipitous Project

Serendipitous Project is committed to sustainability and aims to provide “daring and unique” eco-conscious affordable jewelry. “All items from our permanent collection are handmade-to-order to reduce waste. We also sell one-of-a-kind up-cycled accessories and vintage pieces to minimize the impact on the environment.” I love the organic and sea-inspired vibe of their original pieces:

Rebel Nell

Rebel Nell is an awesome organization that “partner[s] with local organizations to seek out women who have struggled to find and retain employment. We hire these women as Creative Designers, teaching them to craft unique, wearable art from fallen layers of graffiti, while providing services to support them on their way to self-sufficiency.” These pieces are truly works-of-art made from works-of-art:

Same Sky

Same Sky’s mission is to “empower[] women by providing training and employment opportunities. We help women rebuild their lives, reconnect to their creativity, build skills through artistry, and restore confidence.” The organization has provided over 85 women in Rwanda with marketable skills and steady employment making jewelry, and has also provided employment for women who were recently released from prison in the United States. Same Sky’s beaded pieces reflect so much careful and intricate detail work:

Starfish Project

Starfish Project is an organization that “helps exploited women and girls experience freedom, establish independence, and develop careers” by teaching them how to make jewelry. The company’s products are affordable, wearable, and trendy:

Half United

Half United sells beautiful, minimalist jewelry (reminiscent of Madewell) and donates proceeds from every sale to fighting hunger in the United States and abroad. Check out their gorgeous leather handbags and super chic straw hats while you’re at it.

Wild in Africa

Wild in Africa is a jewelry company that sells an assortment of beautiful beaded stacking bracelets and donates 50% of the purchase price to animal conservation organizations in 10 African countries.

Passport Ocean

Passport Ocean is a “socially-minded online ecommerce shop” with a mission “to raise awareness for cleaner seas and help clean up the world’s oceans, prevent the slaughter of their inhabitants and the destruction of their habitats.” They donate 15% of their gross monthly profits directly to Ceta’Sea, a marine conservation charity. Their ocean-themed jewelry is perfect for summer:

From War to Peace

From War to Peace sells jewelry and art made of recycled copper from disarmed nuclear weapon systems. The company uses only recycled materials and donates a portion of its profits to organizations committed to social justice and promoting peace.

Do you have any other favorite jewelry brands with causes that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Jewelry for Good

  1. This is great to know! I love many of the pieces you featured. And I will check to see who they represent before buying.




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