Jewelry X-Files

This is the post where things get. . .weird.

There are few human trinkets apart from jewelry that are so personal, so treasured that they are passed down from generation to generation, and worn through so many of our most impactful life experiences. For this reason, I fully believe that jewelry–especially heirloom jewelry–is capable of holding paranormal power.

I have several pieces in my collection with mysterious backstories that support this theory:

The Reappearing Necklace

On my parents’ first trip to Europe as a couple in the 1970s, my dad bought my mom a beautiful, ornate, antique gold and turquoise pendant. Many years later, she gifted it to me in its original silk-lined box. I stored it in a drawer in the closet of my apartment and rarely looked at it. One day, I remembered I had it and decided to wear it, but couldn’t find it anywhere. It wasn’t in the drawer where I last put it, and it wasn’t with my other necklaces. Frustrated, I abandoned the idea and picked something else. Hours later, I returned to my closet and the necklace was I have chills even as I type this. To this day, I still can’t touch this necklace without getting a little spooked…

The Skeleton Key

My husband, Andy, and I bought our home six years ago. It was built in 1891 but has been through numerous owners and several major renovations since then. The first thing we did upon closing was rip out the existing kitchen. One day, we came to the house to inspect the progress of the demolition. As I was studying the future cabinet layout, my eye caught a glimpse of a small metal object wedged in the baseboard. It was an old skeleton key. It didn’t fit any of the existing doors in the house. For all we know, the lock it was meant for had been removed a hundred years earlier. I put the key on a ball chain to wear as a necklace, because to me it symbolizes the long and rich history of our home, and feels like an homage to all the owners who came before us. I don’t understand how it stayed wedged in that baseboard through so many renovations, unless it was meant to be mine.

The Meteorite

This one is more extraterrestrial than paranormal. This is an actual meteorite that fell to the earth from outer space. I purchased it from an absolutely magical paleontology / archaeology shop in Moab, Utah called the Moab Rock Shop. If you look closely, you can see the scratches on its surface from passing through the earth’s atmosphere. I remember when I was a kid watching my dad magnetize it with a battery. I slid it on a suede cord, which I can wrap as a choker or wear as a longer pendant. It’s pretty unreal to know you’re wearing an actual space rock around your neck!

Close-up of the scratches on the surface.

Further Reading

If you’re into creepy jewelry, check out this fascinating article about how Victorians made elaborate jewelry from their deceased relatives’ hair.

And here’s a fun compilation of “13 Mysterious and Cursed Gemstones.”

Do you have any eerie jewelry stories? I’d love to hear them!


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