The World is Your Oyster

Until sitting down to write this post, I genuinely believed that pearls were the birthstone for July. But not so. (It’s June.)

In any case, I love pearls. Not only are they feminine and classically beautiful, but they hold the unique distinction of being the only gemstone to come from a living creature. Whether big or small, saltwater or freshwater , white or gray, round or baroque–pearls add a touch of rich elegance to any look. (For a lesson on the many different types of pearls, check out this informative guide.)

My jewelry collection includes a lot of pearls. Exhibit A is this pair of classic studs:

They are 5 mm Japanese White Akoya saltwater cultured pearl studs set in 14k white gold. They cost less than $100, and go with absolutely everything. I highly recommend American Pearl as a source for all pearl jewelry. I purchased these studs over 10 years ago from there, and they have really stood the test of time.

Next are the vintage pearl studs I wore for my wedding ceremony. Each earring features three 8 mm pearls and three tiny rhinestones. The number “3” has always been lucky for me and my family–I even got married on 9/3/15 in part because of the numerological significance of the date, with each part a multiple of 3–so the triple-pearl style really spoke to me:

I purchased these on Etsy, but similar styles are available here ($37) and here ($2,250).

Kate Middleton inspired me to purchase this pair of 9 mm pearl drop earrings in 14k yellow gold, when she wore a kindred pair before her wedding:

Similar styles available here ($36) and here ($230).

I received this stunning six-strand pearl bracelet (which can be worn with the strands twisted or straight) as a college graduation present from my aunt:

Similar styles available here ($60) and here ($1,495).

This petite pearl ring featuring channel-set diamonds in a white gold band was a birthday gift from my parents. Pearls and diamonds make quite a lovely pair, if you ask me:

Similar styles available here ($350) and here ($1,100).

Finally, here is but a sampling of my many pearl necklaces:

The thin choker is a delicate strand of freshwater rice seed pearls in irregular, nugget shapes. Similar style available here ($85).

The center, rich ivory-colored, graduated double-strand is a vintage piece. Similar styles available here ($45) and here ($4,900).

The large faux-Tahitian-pearl strand can look overly conservative with the wrong outfit, so I prefer to pair it with less frilly tops. Similar styles available here ($48) and here ($10,000).

In closing, I ask that if you ever see me in a jewelry store, with a piece of pearl jewelry in my mouth, please trust that I am not insane, but rather am checking whether the pearls are real.

Do you have any favorite pearl pieces? Please share them with me!


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